What's so good about PASS?

Hire the right people, faster. 

Reduce turnaround from weeks to days. Both you and the candidate get a smooth, frictionless experience and know what’s happening every step of the way.

Save time and money.

Background checks can be a time-consuming pain in the behind. Not with PASS. This is quick, simple and easy to use. 

Built for humans.

We get how important it is for your business to run background checks and on-board new employees with ease and efficiency. PASS makes things easy for both people running the checks and potential employees. It puts their experience at the heart of every interaction and creates a fully transparent process for everyone involved.

People matter

Technology’s amazing, right? It’s the fuel that drives today’s world forward. But while we embrace it wholeheartedly, we never forget that technology works for people, not the other way around. It’s there to make our lives easier, simpler, better.

The PASS platform is intuitive, slick and seamless. It centralises all of your background screening in one location for a faster, fully compliant and more cost-effective process.

Our system does all the hard work in the background, allowing all screening to be carried out digitally and by fewer people. This speeds things up while maintaining full visibility for compliance purposes. The result is a smooth, comprehensive background screening process and a fabulous new employee experience.

And beyond background screening for potential employees, PASS has almost unlimited potential for the protection of people, places, assets and reputations. It’s a platform built for today, with one eye on tomorrow.

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  • Database checks. Simple.
  • Verification. Easy.
  • Reference checks. No problem.

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